Online Shopping Made Easy with Johnny Air Padala

I am an avid fan of Amazon, actually, online shopping in general. However, it's not always easy to ship to the Philippines if you're buying something from the US. Thankfully, I found the solution. Introducing, Johnny Air Padala ⎯ a forward shipping service that does the leg work for you! I've used this service before … Continue reading Online Shopping Made Easy with Johnny Air Padala


#PatootieTravels: New York State Of Mind

Okay let's sit back for a moment and just listen to Glee's version of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind for a minute okay? Or better yet, just keep it playing while you read this new post. New York. Almost every girl's dream city, second or first to Paris. The city that never sleeps. … Continue reading #PatootieTravels: New York State Of Mind