#PatootieTravels: New York State Of Mind

Okay let's sit back for a moment and just listen to Glee's version of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind for a minute okay? Or better yet, just keep it playing while you read this new post. New York. Almost every girl's dream city, second or first to Paris. The city that never sleeps. … Continue reading #PatootieTravels: New York State Of Mind


#PatootieTravels: Museum Hopping in Washington, D.C.

When I was in the US, my cousin who lived in Washington, D.C., invited me over for an overnight trip. Since I love museums, I went museum hopping in the best place to do so, considering that there's a whole bunch of museums with free admission. Gotta love that National Mall *wink*. While the White … Continue reading #PatootieTravels: Museum Hopping in Washington, D.C.

#PatootieTravels: Things to do in Philadelphia

In my previous post, I basically gave an overview on what I think about Philadelphia. I created a couple of vlogs that document my day to day activities during my stay but it's still different to read about it. Words can just make everything sound so flowery and fun than most visuals. I mostly used … Continue reading #PatootieTravels: Things to do in Philadelphia

#PatootieTravels: Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the two places in the States that I would gladly call my second home. It's home to my Titas and my cousins that I haven't seen in a long time. It's what I consider to be shopping mecca simply because clothes don't have tax in Philadelphia (hello savings!). In my 23 … Continue reading #PatootieTravels: Philadelphia