Best Makeup Discoveries of 2017

I think everyone that has met me knows that I am obsessed with makeup. Heck, I bought a 4-layer plastic drawer just so I can keep everything in storage since the setup I had didn't work for me anymore. Year on year, I discover new products that join my holy grail of beauty items; and … Continue reading Best Makeup Discoveries of 2017


Makeup Maven: Colourpop Haul & Swatch Party

Oh Colourpop, look what you made me do. It's not my fault that you are so affordable. Why do you make such gorgeous products that I can't resist adding to my cart every single time? Anyway, I made an amateur haul and swatch party video which I hope you will enjoy Here are the products … Continue reading Makeup Maven: Colourpop Haul & Swatch Party

Makeup Maven: Burnt Red Makeup Tutorial

Oh wow, this is nerve wracking. I made a makeup tutorial. I know I'm not that good with makeup yet. In fact, I actually need more practice. I'd like to think of this very first tutorial as something that can help me build my makeup skills. I kinda want to focus on lifestyle and beauty … Continue reading Makeup Maven: Burnt Red Makeup Tutorial

New Beauty Find: NUXE

Tousled hair? Check. Long lashes? Check. Beautiful skin with that je ne sais quoi aura? Check. I've recently been introducing new products to my daily skin care regimen. If you're not that familiar with the stuff that I've been slathering on my face, then feel free to check out my blog post. I have been seeing … Continue reading New Beauty Find: NUXE

My Skin Care Secrets

My skin and I have a very passive and aggressive relationship. There was a time my skin was plagued with acne to the point that I didn't want to step out of my room without any form of makeup (which I feel made it worse, but apparently not). I had to change dermatologists a couple of … Continue reading My Skin Care Secrets